Pinoy Big Brother Showdown Heats Up

Who will win Round 4 of the Pinoy Big Brother Showdown?  Your guess is as good as mine as the competition between the two houses heats up.  Round 4 is the “Toy Factory” competition where both houses will have to come up with their versions of what a perfect toy should kids be receiving these days.  Given the tasks to conceptualize, design and create the toys themselves, the housemates will be hard-put in getting the nod of the kids from GOING BULILIT, who will be the judges’ of Round 4.

After dismal losses from the all three rounds of the PINOY BIG BATTLE, House B finally put their acts together in Round 1 aptly called “It’s Show Choir!”  With brilliantly designed costumes, they sang and danced their way to winning the competition.  They really gave their best in interpreting and singing the pinoy-version of the hit-song INSOMNIA.  Patrick, Rob and Hermes looked awkward but they tried anyway.  I just get distracted with Hermes’ man-boobs!  Main judge VICE GANDA was his usual laitera-best.  He dissed House A’s performance which he referred to as a duet rather than a choir performance.  Despite the sexy dance of Jason and Melai, Vice Ganda still chose House A as winner.

Round 2 was the “Cook-out Challenge.”  The guys of both houses were tasked to do the “marketing” or pamamalengke.  They did so with a twist.  The goods/food items were all wrapped individually and hanged in a “Pabitin.”  Blind-folded, each guy will have to be guided by his teammates on which item to get.  Both houses were well on their way to complete their shopping until Jason took off his blindfold a little too early.  One rule called for the housemates to stay blindfolded until they’ve delivered their loot to the shopping cart.  That fatal mistake costs them one whole chicken which the other House chose as their penalty.  Despite the debacle, House A stayed focused and determined.  But that of course was not enough.  Celebrity Chef BRUCE LIM was chosen by Kuya to judge the Cook-out Challenge.  He appreciated the creativity of House A but pointed out that the competition was about creating the best food with DURIAN as the main ingredient.  With no meat to spare, House A had to rely on creativity and Melai’s antics.  But that too didn’t help.  House B was thus named the winner of the Cook-out Challenge.

Having lost the first two rounds, House A needed a win to break the streak of House B.  Round 3 is UTAK ATTACK.  This time, the housemates were asked to rank themselves based on their knowledge (both common and uncommon).  Carol and Rica ranked themselves #1 and #2 respectively while House B had Patrick and Patria as #1 and #2.   To complete the players of each house, Kuya surprised everyone by including the bottom two to the top 2.  With that, Tibo and Jason joined Carol and Rica while Mariel and Yuri joined Patrick and Patria.  Prior to the main event, they played a MEMORY GAME which House A won, earning them two points for Round 2.  That gave House A a windfall because they were in for a surprise.  UTAK ATTACK was not just a Battle of the Brains — it was also a battle of brawn.  Each player will have to climb a steep and slippery ramp to ring the bell and answer the question.  House A had Carol and we know how Carol is.  For this challenge, BIANCA GONZALES was called in as Teacher/Judge. As of press time (charot!), Kuya has not announced the winner yet.  I just know that JASON surprised everyone by getting a perfect score – REDEMPTION, indeed!

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