Meltdown @ Pinoy Big Brother

It was bound to happen

After losing Game 2 of the Big Battle to House B

Samar Hunk Tom Mott was blabbering about collateral damage

His other housemates were already telling him to back down

What added to Tom’s agitation was Kuya’s punishment

Both Rob and him were caught in various occasions

They were talking with the lapel microphones turned off!

As punishment, they were bound together

They had to carry a microphone on a stand wherever they go

It hastened the countdown to Tom’s emotional meltdown

Sensing his negative vibes, his housemates decided

To downplay his brawn in Round 3

They lost that round and all hell broke loose

Tom suddenly released his pent up emotions and punched the wall

He continued to rant and rave until he collapsed

That singular violent emotion would caused his expulsion from PBB

Then there’s another emotional meltdown brewing

Rob acting strangely unsportsmanlike

He snubbed Kenkay Melai’s offer of a handshake

Their loss in the volleyball game was too much for the proud Austrian-Pinoy

As Melai went back to her team after the snob

They cheered and laughed while relishing their Big Battle victory

Rob shouted:  “WHO ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!”

Will Rob become Mr. Meltdown No. 2?

As Tom exited, new nominees were chosen

This week, Carol is the lone nominee from House B

While Yuri, Patria and Rob completed the list from House A

Who will you save?

Methinks, Rob will be next on the chopping block!

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