Gastronomic Pleasures (Parte Três)

I am not surprised with the varied reactions from the Part Deux of my Gastronomic Pleasures List. Those who were mentioned informed me of a sudden interest in the items that figured in my list.  I also got recommendations for new discoveries.  Sad to say, I’m on a diet so they will have wait.  In the meantime, here is Parte Três of Gensan’s Best Cuisine.

  1. Best Tuna Kinilaw – Newbie Al Fresco Resto and KTV Bar piYESta serves an intriguing new taste in their Kinilaw na Chada.  Their secret ingredient is the lemon slices straight from CDO.
  2. Best Kare-kareLe Jardin Arnevel cooks up a storm with their kare-kare. Even without the bagoong siding, ang sarap pa rin.
  3. Best Imbao Soup – I have shifted my allegiance to Lagao Maks’ super-duper imbao soup.  Tamang-tama lang ang lasa and the ginger is not too over-powering.  Their unassuming resto is located along Aparente Avenue.
  4. Best Suman sa Lejia – Not surprisingly, Ate Ming’s Kakanin wins my vote – big thanks to their sweet gravy.  Ham it up with your hot choco!
  5. Best Sinugbang HitoNikolai’s Ihaw-ihaw offers the best marinated hito in town.  What I like is that they grill it just right and therefore leaves the hito, soft and succulent.
  6. Best Humba Meal – Who would imagine that Gaisano’s Port Cafe serves the most affordable serving of humba rice in Gensan?  And you get a free iced tea for every order.  Spazio Cafe also serves this great find.
  7. Best Kambing Meals – The best kaldereta, papaitan, sinampalukan and kilawin in Gensan is still at Goatbingan along Pendatun Avenue.  It helps that their eatery smells and looks clean.
  8. Best Balut – Hands down, the balut vendors along the highway going to Barangay Baluan sells the best-tasting balut in the city.  Try their spicy vinegar as sauce for your balut and you’ll be in food heaven!
  9. Best Steak – My vote still goes to Roland’s Steak House.  Their steak may just be local beef but they sure taste like real Angus Beef!
  10. Best Durian Float – Kring Macion’s Marasa Grill durian float tops even their best carenderia serving.

So there you go, faithful readers.  Try them and let me know.  The fourth edition of this list will be long in coming.  As I’ve said, I’m on a forced diet.  But don’t hesitate to share your recommendations.  Who knows – I just might break my diet anytime soon.

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