Crazy Over Chatting

I got introduced to the World Wide Web in 1994.  I’m still using my 28.8 kbps modem then and have not encountered any problem with it.  That time, a lot of bad things have been said about the services of Omnitronics, my ISP provider but I was generally satisfied with their link.  I got my first taste of Internet relay chatting using the mIRC program.  I got hooked and addicted to it, spending hours of relentless chatting with people around the world – people whom I have never met.  This was during the time when text messaging was never heard of and cell phones are in analog form yet.  I used to chat until the wee hours of the morning not minding next day’s work and a bad case of eye bags.  I became a founder and owner of at least two Internet chat rooms and helped organized the first successful chatters’ eyeball party in Manila, even flying a whole lechon and 5 kilos of panga.  I was an IRC nut for one full year.  Then I got my Internet bill, which made me decide to stop chatting.  That was fifteen years ago.  Recently, I was introduced to PLURK and rediscovered chatting again.  I found out that the chatters are younger now.  Most of them are in their early teens or in high school yet.  The “older” ones are either college students and yuppies (young urban professionals).  Plurking is another level of chatting.  It’s more interactive and engaging. Now I’m hooked to it and yet it feels like I’m not even chatting!  Sheesh!  Thank goodness for cheaper internet links or I’ll end up in the bunker again.  In the meantime, I will just enjoy myself and plurk-plurk-plurk!  And why not?  My plurk-mates are the best source of Pinoy Big Brother updates!

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