Carnapping in Broad Daylight

Faithful readers, I got this email from the head of our  Security Division and deem it important enough to share with you.  This was originally reported by Chic Talde-Dee and I am quoting her report, verbatim.  Read on…

“Hi guys, I’m sending you this email as a caution.  It’s not a forwarded
message because I witnessed it personally.  I was with friends last weekend (Sunday) in El Pueblo , Ortigas Center .

“One of my friends Joel,  had to go to the parking lot to get his celfone in the car.  It was a private parking area with security guards.  From behind him, a white RAV4 sped up and parked beside him.  A man held a gun to his head and asked for the keys of the car.  Joel drives a Land Cruiser by the way. Since he had presence of mind, he threw the keys to the guards and started shouting.  The armed men forced my friend inside their car, drove to the security guard, got the keys, drove back to the Land Cruiser, threw my friend out and ran off with his car. All happening in less than 2 minutes.  We heard the shouting and went to see Joel but by that time, he had lost his car and was injured from being thrown out of their car.

“It was obvious to us that the security guys were in on the plan.  There was no effort from them to stop the incident.  It’s scary because it could have happened to any of us since all our cars were parked in the same area.  By-standers were saying: “Uso po ngayon ang carnapping.  Election na na naman kasi.” I guess there’s some truth to that. Some are even saying that because of Ondoy, spare parts are now priced high in areas like Banawe. They say they are targeting HONDAs because of the high resale value. So PLEASE be extra careful.  If possible, don’t go to your car alone, ask somebody to accompany you.  Especially the ladies. This can happen anytime, even in broad daylight.”

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