And Then There Were Four

Vice Mayor Flor Congson was the first.

It’s now public knowledge that she sought AdWA

For the privilege to run as mayor under AIM

Even just for one term only

She was politely admonished

To just wait for the party convention

That sealed the Vice Mayor’s fate

She’s never gonna be AIM’s main person in 2010

And then there’s the Prodigal Brother

Who has recently disclosed

That he is indeed running as city mayor in 2010

No amount of family persuasion

Not even Big Brother’s charm

Could deter Tonton from running

Whatever his intentions are, remains to be seen

Just when we thought that the former mayor is kaput

She delivers a jaw-dropping announcement

That she’s in the running again


That’s her battle-cry

Let’s not count her out just yet

She might have something up her sleeves

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courtesy of

And of course, there’s Darlene Antonino-Custodio

She has been mum about her plans

Deferring instead to her party’s decision

With a formidable campaign chest

And the most organized political party

Darlene is the hardest to beat!

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courtesy of

And then there were four

Other names have also cropped up

Gacal, Vencer and another wannabe

Choose wisely, fellow General

Our future depends on your vote.

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