Maguindanao Massacre

Today is a sad day for Mindanao.  At least 21 people, including 13 women, lay dead—some of them beheaded and others raped and mutilated, authorities said.  The victims were in the group that included some 20 other women supporters, accompanied by over 30 journalists.  They were tasked by Vice Mayor Ishmael “Toto” Mangundadatu to file his certificate of candidacy as governor of Maguindanao in the provincial office of the Commission on Elections in Shariff Aguak town when the massacre happened on Monday.  His wife, Genalyn and two sisters, Eden and Farina were among the dead.  One of the media personalities who was with the group was Bong Reblando. He was a correspondent for the Manila Bulletin. He is my friend.  I grieve not only for Bong and the rest of the victims and their families.  I grieve for Mindanao.  I grieve for the Philippines.  Tama na.  Sobra na. Dismantle all private armies.

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  1. Kailangan talagang bitayin ang mga gumawa nito! Di naman kailangan pumatay. Nakakainis talaga because things like this not all the time ma-punish yung nga gumagawa nito, kasi takot ang gobyerno natin.

    Grabe talaga ginawa nila!

  2. That was the day that peace in Mindanao died. I mourned not only for Bong Reblando, but also for other mediamen-friends who were also killed – Ian Subang, Leah Dalmacio, Neneng Montano, Marites Cablitas, etc. I heard also that my good friend “Brownie” was there in the company. May they rest in peace! May justice be served also!

  3. Boss Orms.. I’ve done the same thing in my site.. I am a part of the Philippine media and a media man would always be a media man.. I’m joining the other media practitioners local and international, and media organizations worldwide in condemning the brutal political killing of more than 40 lives.. It’s PGMA’s last call to serving justice to the bereaved families.. She should not leave any stone unturned andshe should be more than willing to punish the perpetrators.. Justice delayed is justice denied..

  4. Hindi takot ang gubyerno. Kasi ang gubyerno mismo, ang mga putanginang Ampatuan, ang may pakana ng patayang ito.

    Its so sad and so sickening. Grabe na talaga ang nangyayari sa bansa natin. I do hope that Lady Justice will unsheath her sword this time.

  5. …I dont know what is their real intention that they had to do such horrifying acts. Regardless our religion is …In the eyes of God we are all brothers and sisters. I join you in lighting a candle and offering prayers. May their souls rest in peace.


    Looking back to what had happened , it’s really TRAUMATIC to each and everyone of us,when PEOPLE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE can do such a GRUESOME/BARBARIC CRIME.As a woman myself, what they have done to the women-victims were INJUSTICE BEYOND WORDS.They all died because of people that have been so GREEDY WITH POWER .Whoever have orchestrated and have done this MUST PAY TO THEIR LAST DROP OF BLOOD.There must be more buried in their area ,if it wasn’t a blown up news- they’ll belonged to people that have been buried to unknown locations and the bereaved families that have lost their kins,friends will forever never see even their very bones.JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL,no one is excused for committing such a crime that shocked the whole world.It’s sad because not all people here in Mindanao are as HEARTLESS as those that have done it.We are PEACE LOVING AND HARDWORKING PEOPLE that just want to live in a PEACEFUL/CRIME-FREE ENVIRONMENT.Due to this ,our Mindanao will be SCARRED FOR LIFE and some people now thought that it’s unsafe to go here.
    I have lived here for 41 years,my grandfather have never left our place – even died here ,because for him he had found the LAND OF PROMISE .He has chosen to live here with his family because he was charmed by the place,he served as the 1st Vice Mayor of a city here and he’ll always tell us that wherever we go we’ll always go back here in Mindanao.He has befriended Muslim clans because he got a farm planted with palm oil somewhere in Sultan Kudarat.There were tough times during his early years staying on that area but what had happened in Maguindanao was perhaps the worst in the history for it involved innocent people /hardworking people/women that were killed for a WHIM.
    Everyone here wants JUSTICE for what they have caused us all.We all fear for our lives if these people can’t be all caught .They must pay for the crimes they have committed.
    I do hope that there’ll be more evidences leading to the downfall of the people behind this UNFORGIVABLE CRIME OF A LIFETIME.
    Praying for the bereaved families that they must find ways in accepting what had happened to their loved ones,for us living here in Mindanao,that we’ll be protected from abusive /heartless people that terrorizes our peaceful lives.
    We must be vigilant at all times,because we never know what happens next.
    Thanking people that have done their very best/worked hard to come out with an analysis that can be very vital/useful to unveil the REAL TRUTH behind this RUTHLESS CRIME.

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