That Thing You Do

Making time to work out during this hectic time of year can make the holidays easier on your health.  A consistent exercise program can help keep you healthy over the holidays by boosting the functions of your immune system. Working out or and hour’s worth of brisk walking are also a great way to decrease the effects of stress. Some people find that the stressful holiday season causes them to feel depressed. Didn’t you know that regular exercise could help counteract a blue mood?  Even if you only have time for a quick walk around the block, be sure to participate in some form of physical activity over the holidays. Studies show that even short bouts of exercise, 10 minutes or so, are enough to produce mood-boosting effects.  Exercising regularly can also make your real age as much as 9 years younger.  So make it your new year’s resolution.  Get off that couch and do some exercising.

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