Piyesta KTV & Resto Bar Opens

I was privy to the “ngarag” preparations for the opening of the only KTV and Resto Bar in Robinson’s Place Gensan.  Ever since it was just a concept, Donna already shared her excitement about this new venture.  The night before the opening Kuya Dan and Ate Evelyn Congson toured me around the resto bar.  Carpenters were still working on the the finishing touches and the strong smell of paint was too much for a “hubakon” like me.  I just felt that they won’t make it to the next day’s opening night.
the PIYESTA wall

the PIYESTA wall

The next night, I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything was all set.  The magic touch of the mother-daughter tandem, Evelyn and Donna,  was very evident in every nook and cranny of the resto bar.I was led to the glass door entrance and I had my chance to do the red carpet.   The Piyesta Wall will immediately catch your attention – this one is surely a labor of love and friendship.  Marthin Millado put together picture images of Gensan’s Kalilangan Festival (taken by auteur photographer Leonardo Pe) and arranged them around Piyesta’s colorful logo which Tanchi Franco designed.   These guys are good friends of Donna Mae Congson, the only daughter of power-couple Dan and Evelyn.  Donna serves as General Manager of this bar.

Piyestas GM Donna Mae Congson poses with Gensan Blogger Gilbert Tan.

Piyesta's GM Donna Mae Congson poses with Gensan Blogger Gilbert Tan.

Donna’s experience as Store Manager of McDonald’s busiest branch in Davao City prepared here for the grueling task of running the whole show.  She was every bit of a gracious hostess as she hopped from one table to another.  Her equally charming brothers, Buddy, Rocky & Brian were on hand to assist her.  There youngest Chapy was still on his way from Davao.  This is certainly one big family affair!

The Bar is right at the center of it all.  One thing I liked about its design is that it’s not intimidating as most are.  It is almost welcoming and beckoning customers to drink to their hearts’ content.

Sturdy bamboo poles serve as “breakers” of modernity. Donna’s cousin Irene, an Architect based in Singapore designed the space in such a way that the fiesta atmosphere is prevalent.

Gensan Bloggers with Donna inside one of the KTV rooms.

Gensan Bloggers with Donna inside one of the KTV rooms. Thanks to Ric for this photo.

I was surprised to discover that Architect Irene was able to squeeze in four KTV rooms which all appeared to be cozy enough for singing habitues.  The biggest room can accommodate ten people while the smallest is good enough for a couple’s night-out.

Food and drinks were overflowing that night.  Master Chef Emman, Donna’s boyfriend, made sure that they only served what will be known as Piyesta’s pride, their very own versions of Pinoy exotic meals.  And that, my dear loyal readers, is another blog story to tell.

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