The Banker Has Landed

After several months of delay

After numerous sleepless nights

After several embarrassing incidents

After some sponsors backed out


I underestimated the layout process

I also tapped one of Gensan’s busiest talent

To help me firm up my vision for a magazine

My good friend Bench wove his magic wand

He started the whole thing running

But had to give it up due to business pressures

My busy schedule made matters worst

I had to oversee AUB’s branches in the Queen City

And there’s still my own branch to handle

But it’s no excuse

I had a commitment to fulfill

So when I submitted the unfinished magazine

To Gregoria Printers I was still hopeful

But hope turned to dismay

As the layout artist resigned

Then hope sprang eternal

As the resigned’s cousin took over

Layout Artist Junie worked closely with me

He must be heaven-sent

Our time-line was to get it out

By the end of October 2009

It wasn’t really looking good at first

We were working on positive thinking

Just to get us through

After completing the layout

President Tess insisted of editing each page

I was like — “Hello, we’re mega-delayed?”

But am glad that she insisted

She discovered quite a number of errors

Typographical errors, that is!

Our self-imposed deadline was looking impossible to achieve.

We had to go through three revisions

As either Tess, myself or Junie

Found errors here and there

Thus it’s always back to the drawing board

Just when I thought we’re almost done

I get this feeling that one article doesn’t fit

I tried re-reading it but I just can’t seem to finish it

That’s when I decided to feature a new article

Something that I wrote very recently

And after Junie finalized the last remaining page

I knew then that we’re going to meet our deadline

So last weekend was a very restful weekend

Well, until I decided to go over the draft one last time

I couldn’t believe that we missed out on a few items

We have to revise the final copy

And so that’s the story behind THE BANKER

I hold in my hand right now the finished product

And it really delights me to have accomplish this…

Get your copy now from your favorite banker!

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