Pinoy Ingenuity

Ever heard of that carinderia along Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong?  They aptly call the restaurant “Cooking Ng Ina Mo.”  The ingenious pinoy has once again proven that despite the difficulties, our sense of humor is alive and well.    Silly as it may sound; wacky business names provides not only an easy laugh but also a sense of hope.  This restaurant must have inspired a rival that they put up their own carinderia calling it “Cooking Ng Ina Mo Rin!”  From these outrageous names, one will get the idea about the specialties of these businesses.  From the Internet, I have gathered a few hilarious names.  Take your pick:

1.      Restaurants/Eateries/Bars/Nightclubs

  • Pekpek Carenderia – Don’t forget to wash before eating…hehehehe!
  • Crispy Per Minute – offers crispy pata
  • The Fried of Marikina – Fried chicken, Marikina-style
  • Caintaky Fried Chicken – Where else but in Cainta, Rizal
  • Babalik Karinderia – Loyalty must be rewarded here
  • Juice Co. – a juice stand
  • Let’s Goat Together – the English version of Goatbingan!
  • Mang Donald’s – they sell burgers such as the Big Mang!
  • Miki Mao – noodles galore
  • Nacho Fast – nachos to go
  • PaKapLog – not your usual tapsilog.  This one’s Pandesal-Kape-Itlog
  • Pig Out – specializes in pork dishes to go!
  • Sidesaki – an eatery beside Saisaki Restaurant
  • Bandarin – an eatery beside Mandarin Hotel
  • TapSi TurBi – Breakfast combinations:  Tapa-Sinangag Turon-Bibingka
  • Beery Good – I hope the beer’s beery cold!
  • O’Beer Time – this one’s overused!

2.      Barbershops/Beauty Parlors

  • Felix the Cut – I bet, the barber’s name is Felix
  • Going Straight – a hair-straightening salon
  • Perm Foundation – the owners must be Christians
  • Saudia Hairlines – katas ng Saudi?
  • Scissors Palace – a barbershop
  • Sophisticut – hair salon for men and women
  • Sylvester’s Salon – hahahahaha!!!

3.     Other Wacky Names

  • Cinna Von – a laundrymat in Makati
  • Common Cents Store – a sari-sari store
  • Holand Hopia – a hopia factory owned by Mr. Ho
  • Poland Hopia – Mr. Ho’s next door neighbor, Mr. Po’s hopia factory
  • Alabank – my personal favorite!  A rural bank in Alabang!
  • The Enchanted Florist – a flower shop
  • Elizabeth Tailoring – hahahaha!!!
  • James Tailoring – I hope you get the drift!
  • Farmacia With Love – Matt Monro must be swooning!
  • Goldirocks – a sand and gravel company
  • Maid To Order – a placement agency for household helpers
  • Meatropolis – a meat shop, what else!
  • Meating Place – another meat shop
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