Maasim (Town) By Night

In December 26, along with friends, we hied off to a friend’s vacation house in Lumasal, Maasim. The beachfront – although not the powder-white sand-type, was gloriously clean. The water was calm and the weather was perfectly cooperating with us.  I’m really not much of a beach-fanatic since I always prefer a good book over sunburn. But my hosts were very insistent – I just had to experience squid-catching at night. Boarding a swift boat was like rappelling on a ninety-degree slippery slope. Making it to the boat for a big person like me was the first of the series of challenges in store for me. Navigating the waters of Sarangani Bay as the skies darkened made me think of the movie “A Perfect Storm.” My heart pounded like the waves. This just wasn’t my idea of a good time. But when I saw a floating payao up close, my fears were replaced by a sense of adventure. A bird all by its lonesome was comfortably resting on the payao until it saw us as we neared and flew away. As the engine was shut down and the anchor dropped, we were then at the mercy of the sea. The waves rocked the boat to and fro as sea water splashed on our faces. The magical moment occurred when our companions started fishing for squids. Squids are attracted to bright blinking lights thus to catch them, one must create such attraction. Christmas lights bundled in a submersible see-through plastic container came in handy. We ended up catching quite a bundle and some ended up being eaten raw. Masarap daw at matamis at hindi malangsa. Thanks but no thanks – I’d still go for my crispy calamares. The two-hour trip back to shore made me think about how beautiful Sarangani Bay was. On that cold dark night, Sarangani Bay was humming her mystifying song beckoning everyone to experience her beauty.

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