Tuna Power

I have not visited the Fishport complex for a long time.  The gloomy economic mood was suddenly erased when I saw the goings-on in Market 1.  There were many yellow-fin tuna landings that morning with sizes averaging 35 kilos each. My good friend Sol Manangquil was in high spirits that day.  Who wouldn’t be?  It warms the heart when you see this kind of activity in these parts.  Market I was brimming with people – the “kargadors” were moving to and fro, each with a whole tuna on their shoulders.  The “scrubbers” were busy cleaning the tuna’s entrails and “hasang.”  I saw for the first time a whole DAYANA!   I never thought it would be that huge.  What really is admirable is the fact that the place didn’t smell bad at all.  There were no flies (langaw) or if there were, I didn’t get “abused” by them.  I could just heave a sigh of relief.  My beloved city is not in the brink of despair.  On the contrary, there is hope.  And that is brought about by the people who I saw that day whose intensity at work was infectious and emitted positive energies to onlookers.  Then there’s the tuna – OUR TUNA — GenSan’s true pride and GenSan’s own.  Tuna Power was at work that day I came visiting and Tuna Power is here to stay.

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