The Incredible Lightness of Being

When somebody has this positive impact in your life, you tend to follow a clear path towards goodness. You move towards the direction of changing your outlook in life. You start to set unambiguous and achievable goals that will bring you to another level of your humanity. You tend to look at things in a whole new perspective. You become more caring, more giving, more forgiving. And when you put these into action then this incredible lightness of being occurs. My roller-coaster ride is finally coming full circle. I was hurt badly so I thought about retribution. It was probably understandable to think about revenge at that time but admittedly, it was the dumbest thing to do. Just when I thought I hit rock bottom, an angel comes a-courting. Then my healing process began. In the past week, I’ve mended my fences and rebuilt my bridges of friendship. In the meantime, I am off to another level.

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