Modern Day Pharisees

Pharisees at the time of Jesus. Whats different? Way cooler clothes! Everything else is exactly the same.

Pharisees at the time of Jesus. What's different? Way cooler clothes! Everything else is exactly the same.

Having been raised a Catholic, I consider the priests not only persons of importance but as people who can never commit mistakes.  As I got older, I knew better.  I discovered that they are as human as I am.  When I became active in the Renewal Movement, I resented priests who officiate the mass like robots.  I became more aware that Catholics, by and large, take to heart whatever they hear from the homilies delivered by these people during the mass.  I became more choosy as to which mass I should attend – taking into consideration the priest assigned to officiate it.  I have many priest-friends.  In fact, some of them became my confidants with whom I shared my inequities as a person.  Most of them are broad-minded – never an instant wary of my humanity.  We may not agree on certain issues but we have remained friends.  In my times of promiscuity, I remember seeking refuge in one of the seminary houses here.  I was taken in without question and given time to realize when it was time to share my concerns with them.  I understood then that priests are human beings too.  They too fall from the state of grace.  What troubles me is when they act like modern day Pharisees, in their self-righteous and hypocritical splendor.  What gives them the right to be the judge and jury at the same time?  One mistake does not a mountain make yet these self-righteous priests deliver the ax in one brutal blow.  All of a sudden they become like ruthless vultures going for the kill.  I just hope that when the shit hits the fan, these hypocrites will still be around.  You know how nasty secrets are kept in their closets.  If you don’t know it yet, their closets have skeletons too.

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