Cain & Abel

This early, the battle lines are being drawn. Loyalty checks are being done. Like a sneaky weasel, Cain is already setting the stage for 2010. What will be put to test will be the adage:  Blood is thicker than water. Our paradise mole insists that Cain is hell-bent on seeking Abel’s crown. Cain is reportedly mesmerized by the offers being dangled before him and the “support” he is purportedly getting from different sectors. Surely his ambitions are tickled pink. Already, the patience of Abel’s flock is on the brink. To their dismay, Abel appears detached – but is he really? One must not underestimate Abel. Silent waters run deep, they say. Cain might just get the shock of his life when he finds out what Abel got up his sleeves. Needless to say the Garden of Eden has become a proverbial battleground.  Then there’s Sheba who came rolling down the hill.  She’s also bent on wearing the crown which Abel will relinquish.  Despite her age, don’t count Sheba out – yet.  On the other side of the spectrum, the chosen one has yet to make her move.  But she’s beginning to look more masa day by day.  And her ammunition comes a-plenty.  Things are getting interesting in these parts.  Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

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