Early Detection Saves Lives


I didn’t know till recently that my good friend Meanne Alcordo-Solomon suffered and survived Breast Cancer.  Meanne was in Gensan last week for a speaking engagement for the local Rotary Clubs.  I knew her to be very active with Rotary so I thought she was going to dwell on Rotary issues.  When she asked me to assist her I obliged being a Rotarian (albeit inactive) myself and because I love Meanne.  I got the shock of my life when I discovered that her presentation materials were all about her journey as a cancer survivor.  I had to embrace Meanne mainly because I felt so inadequate as a friend having not known about her ordeal.  Meanne hugged me back – no words were said.  I just knew that she understood.


Listening to Meanne’s journey made me realized that it’s not too late to make a difference.  Her staunch advocacy to Breast Cancer Awareness has produced so much goodwill such that the Cebu City Council finally passed an ordinance   creating a Cancer Welfare Task Force.  Thank you, Meanne for opening my eyes.  I, too, can serve.  I will be a strong advocate for Early Breast Cancer Detection awareness!

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