Let There Be Light

Have you ever driven to Marbel at night? Did you ever notice how dark the road is from Tupi to Marbel? It feels eerie like you’re in some horror movie. The darkness around you is like a harbinger of bad things to come. The long stretch towards Marbel is every motorist’s nightmare. If you compile the number of road accidents that occurred along this stretch, you’ll get goose bumps. I am very certain that Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio and Congressman Dodo Pingoy have traveled this road late at night. I just hope they were awake during that time for them to get a first-hand experience. Bottom line, we need to get that long and winding road, lighted. Surely, Darlene and Dodo would agree. The whole stretch is under their jurisdiction as elected representatives of their respective districts.

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