Who Wore It Best As Darna?


Which actress was your favorite to have ever played the role of DARNA onscreen? 


I remember watching the first Darna movie of Vilma Santos – it was Lipad, Darna, Lipad that catapulted Vilma to become the star that she is today.  Notwithstanding her baby fats, she donned the two-piece costume of the Pinoy heroine which Mars Ravelo created.  The rest the say, is history.  That movie broke box-office records of that year.  Vilma eventually made two more Darna movies which were equally successful.


Nanette Medved’s career was at its peak when Viva Films offered her the role of Darna.  When she accepted, it created so much buzz that people looked forward to watching the movie.  Its been years since the last full-length Darna movie was made.  The movie did not meet the expected revenues but it was considered a box-office success just the same.  Darna fanatics were, however, disappointed with the costume change.  It was made to fit her sexy image.  The red head gear was also retired in this movie.  She looked more like Wonder Woman than Darna.


Viva Films tried to redeem itself by immediately producing another Darna movie.  This time, the even sexier Anjanette Abayari took over as Darna.  Her American-twang was so distracting that I couldn’t feel her as Narda/Darna.  She was so wrong for the role.  Expectedly, this version bombed at the box-office.  The Wonder Woman look didn’t quite fit our own heroine.  Notice the two different versions of her belt?


When GMA 7 announced that Angel Locsin will be the next Darna, the whole showbiz industry was talking about it.  Angel was fresh from her highly successful Mulawin TV series and she was getting everybody’s attention with her acting skills and likability.   The premier show broke every highest rated show in the Philippines.  The series was most anticipated and it did not disappoint.  Darna fanatics were praising GMA 7 to high heavens.  Darna is back and Angel is Darna!


It was only expected that Marian Rivera will eventually take over the Darna role.  After Angel Locsin jumped ship and transferred to ABS CBN, Marian’s star shone even brighter.  Her take as Marimar was very engaging.  She was to become GMA 7’s better replacement to Angel.  She first became Dyesebel and continued to wow everyone.  So when it was her time to fly as Darna, everything was set.  She was an even bigger star who conquered everyone’s heart.  She might not have the better curves but she has that Narda quality that puts her high on every fanatic’s list.

Now who will follow Marian as the next Darna?  Nanay Dionisia perhaps?  Hehehe… Sus Ginu-u!

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