Hot In The City

The heat wave is really getting to a lot of people’s nerves. GenSan is known for its humid weather but this year’s heat is too unbearable. My blood pressure is hitting the roof. Sales of air-conditioning units and electric fans have increased in the past weeks. Definitely, energy consumption will even be higher this time of the year and there’s the ever-increasing gasoline prices to contend with. A dip in a swimming pool would be a welcome respite. A good thing we have good pools at Le Jardin Arnevels, Cambridge Farms and Family Country Hotel. Rushing spring water is also a great body relaxer – Olaer Spring Resort is still tops.  Dacera Water Resort is a good second choice. I would love to recommend the beach resorts in the city but the scorching sun is just too much. But if you ask me, Tropicana’s beach line is my number one choice. London Beach, despite its fake white sand is also good but the lesser developed Family and Rajah Beach resorts are better alternatives. But for lesser mortals (pardon the pun!), an ice-cold glass of water will suffice. Relished the moment while resting under the shade of a tree. Get a good book to read. Relax. Life may not be perfect but let’s thank God for small favors.

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