Gastronomic Pleasures Part Deux (UPDATED!)

My list is getting longer.  I need to update you, my loyal readers with what Gensan has to offer in terms of gastronomic pleasures.  I hope that when you do check them out, you’d agree with me.  Happy eating.

  1. Best Hot PandesalFitmart Gensan’s Bakery tops them all.  They have become too popular that by 3:00 pm daily, they simply run out of the hottest and tastiest pandesal in town.
  2. Best Blueberry Cheesecake – Right now, you just have to agree with me on this one.  Aunt Ludi’s blueberry cheesecake is just perfect.  The cheesecake portion has this tangy-sweetness that matches the freshness of the blueberry toppings and the brown crust underneath that completes it.
  3. Best Crispy Garlic Chicken – I used to like the crispy chicken served by Chicken Hauz.  But something went wrong somewhere.  I am shifting allegiance to Bee Stop’s crispy garlic chicken where every bite spells the big difference – it’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  4. Best Hamburger with Cheese – Surprise, surprise!  Orange Bistro pulls the rug from the Big Two.  The buns may be it but really it’s the hamburger patty that scores.  And it’s priced even lower than McDo and Jollibee.
  5. Best Peach Mango Pie – A visit to Jollibee will never be complete without their heavenly Peach Mango Pie.  The sad part is that they now offer the mini-size of the pie – bummer!
  6. Best Wheat Bread Rollee’s Bakeshop finally perfects their wheat bread recipe.  For those who are health conscious, wheat bread is the way to go.
  7. Best Pork & Chicken Barbeque – I wonder what happened to Jingling’s.  My vote goes to any of the stalls at Lagao BBQ Stand along San Pedro Street which serves the tocino-type pork barbeque.
  8. Best Lechon Manok – Okay, so I chose the best oven-baked chicken the last time.  A number of you, my loyal readers, insist that I should choose the best lechon manok.  This time I have to go for BJ’s Lechon Manok because of the crispy skin which continues to astound me up to now.  How did they do that?
  9. Best Ensaymada Mix and Magic’s ensaymada is every diabetic’s nightmare.  Kidding aside, Mixie and Sunshine has every reason to be proud of their creation.
  10. Best Palabok – I never liked big servings of palabok.   But I must say that Yolly‘s makes the best palabok in town.  You should try their pansit malabon too.
  11. Best SiomaiDimsum Diner’s siomai varieties is still the best in town.  Every bite gives such a succulent taste and makes you hunger for more.  Try all their varieties.
  12. Best Halo-halo Chow King’s biggest money-maker will deliver the wallop that will beat the heat.  I just hope the ube toppings were bigger.
  13. Best Baby Back RibsRanchero Grill’s mega-successful recipe topped with their imitated but never equaled gravy will give Manila’s Tony Roma stiff competition.  Of late, however
  14. Best Banana Cue and Camote Cue – Check out the three stalls along corner Mansanitas and Marang Streets.  Simply irresistible.
  15. Best Iced Tea – Newbie Cafe Amoree‘s iced tea is by far the best tasting cold drink served in these parts.  And their place is very very cozy.
  16. Best Chocolate Cake Cake Galerie‘s Double Dutch Choco Cake is the yummiest choco cake treat in Gensan.  Eunice Quilat has a champ on this one.
  17. Best Dinuguan Nana Beth’s Kapangpangan version gets high points.  Take it with puto or rice, it’s still the best dinuguan meal ever.
  18. Best Takuyaki – No competition on this one.  I’m a certified addict of Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki.  Here’s one example of an affordable and healthy food trip.
  19. Best California Maki Nimoshobe’s leading sushi treat is their California maki.  And it’s even affordable.
  20. Best Lechong Baboy Mang Ben’s Lechon Haus in Lagao gets my vote this time.  Talagang value for money pag dito ako nagpapa-lechon.  And Mang Ben is actually the one who oversees it.  You can get in touch with them at 3014573.
  21. Best Homemade Spanish Sardines Gay Carrillo’s home-cooking is one for the books.  She can turn a peasant’s meal to something fit for a king.  Her own version of Spanish Sardines is not only delectable, it is also very appetizing.  Kaya dapat friend mo sya!
  22. Best Garlic Crab Meal – I truly love Gusteau‘s version.  Garlic sauteed in olive oil with other herbs and spices makes this a winner.
  23. Best Crab in Coco-Gata Red Trellis tops my list on their own take cooking king crabs (from Surigao) in savory coconut milk!  Try them immediately after being served and enjoy the piquant taste of their prime recipe.
  24. Best Bacon & Mushroom Cheese-melt Sandwich – This one’s really for the gods!  At 45 pesos, it’s really a steal.  Check their stall at Ice Crops Robinson’s Place and look for Claudine.
  25. Best Hamburger Bread Patties – Unlike other hamburger patties, Giacomino‘s six-pack is a great buy.  Try pressing them and you’ll be pleasantly surprise.
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