Who Let The Dogs Out


Chad is my little prince. He is almost two years old – a mini pinscher. I got him as a surprise Christmas gift two years ago and since them we have become inseparable. Chad is very protective of me. Whenever anyone enters my room, expect him to scare the bejesus out of you. He has one mean bark up his sleeves. Chad is the son I will never have.

A week ago, I almost lost him. Thinking it was okay to bathe him that Monday morning despite the gloomy weather, i proceeded to do so. I didn’t wait for the water to heat up – i immediately doused him, soaped him and eventually towel him dry. With the usual morning sun, Chad would lie on the veranda until he is completely dry. Unfortunately, there was no morning sun. I didn’t realize it was going to be the start of a critical week for Chad.

In the afternoon I noticed that he wasn’t his usual self. He was not bubbly and energetic. He opted to lie beside my seat at work. That fateful night, Chad tried to eat but could not. I began to worry. His body temperature was increasing. My sister gave me some of her daughter’s fever medicine. That somehow lighten his mood.

The following day, his fever has not subsided. I brought him to his vet who gave him a shot. By the end of the day, Chad’s condition turned from bad to worst. That night, I barely slept. Every four hours, I gave him his medicine. Now I know how it is to be a mother to a sick child.

I spoke to Chad during that crucial period. I asked him not to leave me – promising him that I will take care of him no matter what. He just gave me that look – like he was holding back his tears – trying to feel better. We both slept that night with a connection which is stronger than ever.

I woke up with Chad licking my face. He was trying to wake me up. Asking me to open the veranda door so he can pee. He barked loudly. That was the sweetest bark I heard from Chad. My little prince made it through the night.

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