Remembering Thumby Cadorna

Thumby Cadorna and I were together in my car that turned-turtle four times at 2:14 in the morning of November 1, 1994. We were on our way to Polomolok when my car did its somersault along Apopong that fateful day. Thumby was behind the wheel, without his seatbelt on. I was on the passenger’s side dozing off with my seatbelt tightly tucked. With the force of the impact, Thumby was thrown out of the windshield. He suffered a broken right arm, broken pelvic bone and his skull cracked. Everyone thought he’d die. I didn’t. Thumby came out of coma after over a month. He lost a lot of weight and some of his memory but he was still Thumby, my friend.  After our accident he lived his life to the fullest. He was at his peak when he succumbed to a massive heart attack in June 30, 2000. I miss you, my friend. Wherever you are, do hold that bottle of beer for me. And, hey, I have finally learned to live the moment.


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