Gastronomic Pleasures

I’m writing again.  Or should I say, I’m blogging again.  I’ve got a number of items in my mind but I’d like to kick off in a lighter mode.  It’s been a while since I shared my preferred list and I’ve not been remiss in checking the dining pleasures of Gensan.  So here goes nothing…

1.) Best Pangasius Meal – The sudden popularity of pangasius catfish (hito) has given South Park Noodle House an opportunity to experiment on this local version of Japanese Cream Dory.  With the increasing price of fresh lapulapu and pompano, STEAMED pangasius was in the horizon.  Tasting it for the first time, made me an instant convert.  South Park once again is leading the way and they have a sure winner with their affordable steamed pangasius.


2.) Best Siopao – I am a sucker for siopao.  So when a good friend asked me to taste DAVAO Breadhaus’ siopao I couldn’t believe that they could top Joan’s goldmine of a siopao.  It is sized the same as Joan’s but this one’s caught my taste buds because of its packed and delectable “palaman.”  And you won’t need a sauce to enjoy it.  Davao Breadhaus is located along Aparente Avenue.  Mental note:  By 3pm, their siopao is sold-out.

3.) Best Cream Bread – I am a fanatic of Rollee’s sliced bread but when I was accidentally introduced to Evan’s Bakeshoppes’s version of the cream/american/sliced bread — I had to set aside my fanaticism and enjoy this new find.  It does not have that fluffy taste and each slice is so “full” and tasty that you won’t need a sandwich spread to fully enjoy it.  Evan’s is located along Yumang Street across the St. Michael church.

4.) Best Chicken Batchoy – That small carenderia (two doors) beside Asia United Bank has a little secret.  They make the best batchoy in town.  At 25 pesos, you are served a super delicious hot bowl filled with noodles (that taste fresh), sliced boiled egg, chicken strips and topped with raw egg.  Now beat that!

5.) Best Mongolian Meal – Allan Sanidad will love me for this.  I never really liked mongolian food because I’m not one who’s at ease in instructing somebody on how to prepare my food.  Upon Allan’s invitation, I visited his small spot at the Tiongson Arcade and crossed my fingers.  Surprisingly, he just suggested that I should try their Mongolian “everything” – meaning I will be served with a mongolian meal with everything (available) in it.  At 150 pesos, I was in gastronomic heaven.  It was served hot and every bit of it tasted succulent and superb.  Now if only they have bigger seats.

6.) Best Lechong Manok – Bounty Fresh’s Oven-Baked Chicken is a goldmine.  On any ordinary day, chances are that you’ll end up looking at an empty display shelf.  Their oven-baked chicken is a daily box-office hit.  I make it a point to call their National Highway outlet before I drop by.  Their chicken is cooked just right wherein each bite is juicy.  Their recipe according to their sales clerk is kept secret which is expected. At 132 pesos per piece, you’re in for a surprise.

7.) Best Tuna Spaghetti – The new kid on the block, Genee, has slowly but surely established its footing in Gensan.  Tagged for their affordable and healthy menu, their tuna-ghetti became an instant winner.  The concoction for their sauce was done by Dra. Salve who would only smile each time I ask for her recipe.  Not to be outdones are other tuna-value added menu like their Tuna Hotdog, Tuna Burger and Tuna Sandwich which at 25 pesos each is definitely a steal.

8.) Best Cake Dessert – When I first saw Coffee Club 101’s Hot Choco Lava Cake, one thing came to mind:  SINFUL.  Served individually, I thought that it wasn’t enough for me.  But when I took my first bite, aiming on its core, I found out that this was too much for somebody who’s counting his blood sugar level.  Not that it taste bad — on the contrary — it is SINFULLY sweet and flavorful.  The term lava was for the melted (slightly hot) chocolate filling in the middle which is actually the center of “sin.”  It’s kinda pricey but what the heck — go to confession afterwards.

9.) Best Lomi – Uno Cafe inherited Big Chow’s signature noodle soup.  I consider their lomi as the best hot soup that could make a sick person get well immediately.  Each serving at 60 pesos feeds two persons but when you’re really hungry — this is the best meal for you.  I also discovered that this is the best “pasalubong” when you’re visiting somebody in the hospital.

10.) Best Strawberry Milkshake – I caution everyone not to experiment with their strawberry milkshake.  I’ve had the misfortune of doing so and came out disappointed until I tried Shakey’s strawberry milkshake.  Sa sobrang sarap, I had to order another serving and was in a state of nirvana afterwards.  Get yourself one now!

There you go – my list of top ten. You may not agree with me but it shouldn’t stop you from checking them out.  Happy eating.

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