GTX Mardi Gras Competition

This will be the first time that we will introduce a Mardi Gras type of street dancing.   Sound System boxes will be positioned along Pioneer and Roxas Avenues and will continuously play the GTX Theme Music.  Contingents from the different elementary and high schools in General Santos City are expected to joined this grand street dancing competition.  Read on…


1)    The GTX Mardi Gras Competition is open to any group of at least fifty (50) performers.  There will be two categories in this event:

  • HIGH-SCHOOL CATEGORY – Open to high school students from any school in General Santos Ctiy ONLY.
  • ELEMENTARY CATEGORY – Open to elementary students from any school in General Santos City ONLY.

2)    Participants must be at least eight (8) years old.  Use of infants and toddlers is strictly prohibited.

3)    The minimum number of participants is fifty (50).  There is no maximum number of participants but the more participants there are the higher impact it would create for each contingent.

  • Props must be borne by the dancers themselves in order to maintain color or continuity of performances.
  • Props should be moderate in size to allow viewing of spectators located on both sides of the street.

4)    The dance entry must jive with the new beat of the official TUNA FESTIVAL THEME SONG which depicts of the vibrant attitude of the Generals and the colorful UNDERWATER world that has brought us the bounties of the sea.  Therefore, dance steps, costume, accessories and equipment of the dance should be in this context.

5)    Sound System boxes will be situated around PIONEER AVENUE which will continuously play the TUNA FESTIVAL THEME MUSIC.

6)    PARADE ROUTE dance steps should be progressive all throughout the whole parade route.

7)    Since synchronization of performances is very vital for the smooth flow of participants in a carousel parade, FIVE (5) points shall be deducted from the total score of any contingent who does not follow the instructions of the Parade Marshals and/or communicators assigned to them.

8)    All contingents are prohibited from using inflammable materials such as fireworks or pyrotechnics as part of their ritual/highlight performance, to avoid accidents during their performance.  A FIVE (5) point deduction shall be imposed against any contingent who violates this provision.

9)    There will be one focal presentation in front of the oval plaza stage.

10) The GTX THEME MUSIC’s running time is approximately four (4) minutes.  Therefore the maximum time limit for each presentation during the showdown is SEVEN (7) minutes which includes TWO (2) minutes of ingress and egress.  TWO (2) points shall be deducted from EACH judge’s score sheet for every minute in excess of the time limit.

11) The criteria for judging are as follows:

    • Includes the steps, movements, composition, clocking, neatness of the ensemble and creative transition from one dance sequence to another.
    • This also covers the ability of the ensemble to creatively translate the material source into a choreographed presentation or adapt to the chosen concept.
    • The effective utilization of all participants in the interpretation of the material will also count.
  • EXECUTION (20%)
    • Overall execution of the choreography
    • Timing and synchronization in the execution of dance steps and movements
    • Expression and characterization of the performers
    • Confidence and enthusiasm of the performers
    • Organization and discipline of performers prior to, during and after every performance
    • Covers the appropriateness of costumes, props, music and sound effects to the storyline, choreography and tribe represented.
    • Includes the aesthetic appeal and impact of costumes, props and music.
    • Also includes the quality and intensity of the musical performance or ensemble.
    • Includes the aesthetic quality of the choreography and its execution while the participating contingent is parading or in transit from one performing area to another.
    • Also covers the intensity and degree of participation elicited from the audience in the streets while in transit.
    • Includes performers’ discipline and physical projection on the streets while in transit.
    • Covers the quality and intensity of the music during the parade/street dancing.
    • Includes the over-all impact created among the spectators/audience.
  • BONUS POINTS (20%)
    • Each contingent earns this if they attend the OPENING CEREMONIES on August 31, 2009 at the Oval Plaza Stage.

12) The ranking method will be applied in the computation of the results.  In case of a tie, the point system shall be used.  Should there still be a tie; the appointed Chairman will have to break the tie.  In no instance shall a tie for the top prizes be declared.  The decision of the Board of Judges in this contest shall be FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.

13) Participating groups should assign ONE (1) official coordinator who shall coordinate with the GTX Mardi Gras Committee.  The GTX Mardi Gras Committee will also assign at least one (1) coordinator per contingent.

14) The following are the important dates for the GTX Mardi Gras Competition:

  • August 31, 2009 (3pm) – All contingents should attend the OPENING CEREMONIES of Tuna Festival at the Oval Plaza Stage.  Each contingent will be assigned their specific area where they should be ready to dance to the beat of the GTX THEME MUSIC.  Each group will be awarded 20 points which will form part of their final score.
  • September 5, 2009 (3pm) – All groups should be at their respective areas along Pioneer Avenue.  The carousel-type mardi gras portion covers 30% of the total score.
  • September 5, 2009 (5pm) – The Focal Presentation in front of the Oval Stage covers the remaining 50% of the total score.

15) Right after their presentation, all competing groups should immediately proceed to their area within the Oval Plaza and should not break their ranks.   The assigned coordinators will deduct FIVE POINTS from the total score if the contingent breaks their ranks.

16) Prior to the announcement of winners, the GTX THEME MUSIC will be played and all contingents should simultaneously dance to its beat.

17) Participating groups must submit to the GTX Mardi Gras committee on or before August 15, 2009 their official entry form (available at the Chamber office).

18) Prizes at stake are as follows:




First Prize 50,000.00 + trophy 50,000.00 + trophy
Second Prize 30,000.00 + trophy 30,000.00 + trophy
Third Prize 20,000.00 + trophy 20,000.00 + trophy
Seven Consolation Prizes 5,000.00 each 5,000.00 each
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