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I’m easy to get along with as long as you’re not a dork! Maarte din ako. Ayoko ng mainit! Ayoko ng maalikabok! Ayoko ng walang tubig! Pero type ko ang putik! Gusto mo ako maging friend? Kung kaya mo ka-eng-engan ko then welcome to my world!

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  1. imma excited!! i know this year’s tuna festival will be a blast! and i can’t wait to see the boyz too, lol. my gensan friend says cutie guys from manila actually fly down to join the festivities, haha.

  2. Wala na uy. Isa lng. The frosted bottle of San Mig Light was just so inviting.

    I don’t really drink. I just made an exception for Marzz’ birthday. :-))

    You’re a natural blogger, Orms. Really, I enjoy reading your posts. Unfair gyud, magisuon na beauty and brains — you and Bariles.

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