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During the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar and Secretaries-Elect Training Seminar (PETS-SETS) held at the Waterfront Hotel in Mactan, Cebu, District Governor Elect Mary Anne Alcordo-Solomon formally announced that the Rotary Club of Midtown General Santos will be hosting the 2016 District Training Assembly (DISTAS).Continue reading


We got the surprise of our lives when District Governor Elect Mary Anne Alcordo-Solomon informed us that our promotional poster for the Feeding Program at St. Vincent Strambi Home for the Aged got a full-page feature in the March 2016 issue of the Philippine Rotarian Magazine.Continue reading


The plan of the Bureau of Customs to randomly check balikbayan boxes has stirred the hornet’s nest.  Their intention may be noble (catch those using the BBB process to bring in illegal goods and stuff and increase revenue for the government for items found to be taxable) but they touched a raw nerve.  Am sure they didn’t expect that they will get this kind of reaction.  Continue reading